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Let Us Help You Find Your Next Great Career

ADASTAFF is a full-service employment/staffing company. This means when individuals are looking for employment they contact us. At no cost to the applicant, we review their application, and do our best to match them with one of our client companies as quickly and professionally as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for your services?
There is never a fee to the contract employee with us; our fees are paid directly to us from our clients.

How do I apply?
Submit a new Online Application, or log in to access your previously submitted application. If you have already applied and have forgotten your password, please contact us directly to reset your password.

I've applied. What’s next?
We will help you through every step of the hiring process. Our recruiters will review your application and contact you by phone or email to further discuss your skills, career goals, motivation and personnel requirements for a new position so we can ensure we place you in a position that you will find enjoyable and be successful in. When our recruiters determine you are a possible candidate for a current job opening with one of our clients, you will be contacted immediately. It is important that you respond right away to avoid missing out on a great opportunity. At that point, you will be invited for an interview where we can get to know you better; and provide you with more information about the position, the hiring process. We will also be happy to provide you with a interviewing and resume writing tips that will enhance your employment opportunities.

How can I be successful?

As with all things in life, what is put into the opportunity given helps determine the outcome. Things like punctuality, attendance, attitude, willingness to learn and adaptability all play a strong role in whether the client will consider an associate worker for any open positions.

How often should I contact your office after I have completed the application process?

Our recruiters will contact you within 24 to 48 hours after you have submitted your application, should we have an open position for you. If you have not heard from us within that period, please feel encouraged to call the office that you applied to online.


You Need Great Benefits

Our Associate Workers are paid every week and our work week consists of scheduled working hours beginning on Monday and ending on the following Sunday. Payroll is issued on Fridays for the prior week worked. Weekly payroll is distributed through direct deposit or pay cards only.

Supplemental Benefits
The Company offers Fixed Indemnity Medical Plans, which is a supplement to health Insurance. Minimum essential coverage as defined under the Affordable Care Act, and free standing coverage packages that includes:  Dental, Vision, Term Life and Short - Term Disability.

Major Medical Plan
We offer an employer-sponsored, self-funded plan that has been deemed to be in compliance with ACA rules and regulations.

Skills Enhancement
Skill enhancement is available to employees at no charge. Increasing your skills can increase your rate of pay. Additionally, by working certain temporary assignments, an employee may be compensated while elevating their skills and gain valuable experience

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Our Associate Workers Have a Lot to Say About Us

“In an era when only 12% of candidates put trust in what employers
say about themselves, companies must increasingly rely on their employees to be their spokespeople on the employee experience.”

– Harvard Business Review

“ADASTAFF has been a delight to work with! Their communication through the hiring process made everything a lot less stressful than I had expected to find a new position. I am thrilled with my new role and have already referred several of my family and friends!”


“Finding a new job through ADASTAFF was not only easy, but amazingly quick! The staff was very careful to make sure I understood the details of the position as well comfortable with the culture of the company they had in mind for me. Once interviewed, I was offered the position within just a few days!”